Courtney saved us!!! When Courtney came to stay with us, our baby was 5 months old and waking every 2-3 hours overnight. I hadn't slept more than 2 consecutive hours or in the same bed as my husband since she was born. I had absolutely no idea what to do because every night was different. We were slaves to the pacifier and overnight feeds, and I was too afraid not to feed her overnight and let her be hungry. I also have little tolerance for crying and felt unable to let her cry on my own, without being sure that she was okay or whether I was doing something wrong. 
Enter Courtney. Having Courtney there to closely monitor our baby and reassure us that she was okay the first night gave me all the confidence I needed to sleep train her. My husband and I enjoyed a date night the first night Courtney was with us. On night two (and ever since), our baby slept through the night. 
Courtney is an absolute baby expert and baby whisperer. Beyond sleep training, she noticed that when our baby woke at night, she was desperately trying to roll over. To help keep that from distracting her at night, Courtney spent time during the day helping her learn to roll over. She used toys as lures and taught her how to roll over! Once our baby mastered rolling, it was less of a distraction to her at night and she fell back asleep faster on her own. This is something I never would have picked up on myself, and definitely something you can't read in a book. It was this level of personalization that made me feel the money spent was truly a worthwhile investment. 
We live in an apartment and I was a bit wary of having someone staying with us for 3 days. But Courtney was an absolute PLEASURE to have around. By the third day I was sad for her to leave.
My sleepless nights feel like another lifetime; looking back, can't even believe I ever lived like that. Courtney left us with a good idea about what to expect in the coming months, as well as tips on how to handle sleep on upcoming vacations and in hotel rooms. Thank you, Courtney, for helping to transform our experience of parenthood and giving us our lives back!!

Catherine B.

"Working with Courtney was simply money well spent. My son (15 weeks at the time) was a terrible sleeper - up every 1-2 hours, wanting to eat all night and therefore not wanting to eat in the day. I was afraid to let him cry because I thought he needed to eat. However, Courtney helped us the minute she walked in. After 2 days with Courtney, our little guy magically started sleeping through the night. It was a miracle. It took some time for him to sleep completely peacefully through the night (he'd fuss for a few minutes here and there) but it was at least an 85% better after the 2 days Courtney was with us. And during the weeks after Courtney was available for support and questions as things came up.Thanking my lucky stars for her!"

Jessica W.

“Courtney was a life-saver. Our 8-month old baby girl was always a bad sleeper, and our whole family was at a breaking point when we reached out to Courtney. Bedtime sometimes took hours, she was up all hours of the night, and would only nap for 20-30 minutes unless we held her in our arms. We tried sleep training with different methods for weeks, but nothing worked. We were all so exhausted, I was losing patience with my older daughter, and we always ended up back at square one. From the minute we spoke with Courtney, we knew we were in good hands. Our baby now sleeps 11-12 hours every night, and naps in her crib for up to 3 hours and is so much happier through the day. We can't recommend her highly enough, and our only regret is that we didn’t call her sooner!”

Audrey H. 

"Courtney has been a resource for our family for many years. Not only does she share her knowledge and experience in guiding us to the best solutions for our little ones, but she empowers us to take the reins ourselves. With Courtney’s support, we have not met a challenge we could not overcome. She is the perfect balance of calm direction and professional support. We feel very comforted knowing she is only a phone call, text, or email away."


"I thought having my second child was going to be such a breeze. I learned so much from my first child and I knew bringing home my second child was going to be easy. It wasn't. The baby had her days and night off and she was very fussy.  She had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. Since I have a 4 year old, it was hard to get extra naps in during the day when we had a rough night. Courtney came for 3 days. She helped to set a sleep routine for the baby and I was finally able to get sleep and spend time with my older child.  I felt so rested after Courtney left. She is amazing! Brooke and I were both happy and rested! Thank you Courtney!"


"I am a single mom with a daughter. My daughter is 2.5 years old and was always an amazing sleeper. But right around 2 she decided she hated bedtime and turned into a real life monster leading up to bedtime but especially when lights were turned out. Courtney came over 3 days in a row and was such an amazing support and coach for both my daughter and me. She showed me some techniques I think the first day it took chloe about 2 hours to go to sleep. The second about 40 min and the third about 20. She reassured me to stick with it and that she would come back if I needed. Now bedtime is a breeze and even if my daughter doesn't go right to sleep I don't hear anything from her. Courtney you were a life saver! I highly recommend her services to anyone."