Which sleep training method is a fit for you?

There are many different methods of sleep training. As a parent, deciding which method sleep training method to use-- out of all of the books, blogs, and friend recommendations can be a challenge. When you do choose one it may not be the best fit for your baby or your family and there really isn't a way to know that until you've already tried it. That takes time, work, and patience with no guarantee of success. We want to bring families out of the fog of sleep deprivation without the frustration. 

Bliss Sleep Co. utilizes years of experience working with infants and families, a little bit of common sense, and to bring it all together our training in the Mommywise method. This method is different than other options because it tailors the approach to your individual baby and family. By entrusting your sleep coaching needs with Bliss Sleep Co, you're investing in lifelong sleep.


Sleep Fact:




Assess + Acquaint

Your application for sleep training will help us determine together if we are a good fit for working together. After receiving your application we will have a phone call to talk about your wants, needs, and family dynamic. Then, we will come to your home to get to know you, your family, and your baby.


Sleep Train + Action Plan

After meeting, we will work together as a team in your home to establish a routine to get your baby sleeping for longer stretches in his or her crib. We will be there with you through every step, troubleshooting along the way, and offering tips and expert advice. On the last day your sleep coach will leave you with an action plan to help you continue shaping your baby's sleep once we leave.


Implement + Support

Support doesn't end after our in person time together! Our program includes follow up emails and unlimited access to us for four full weeks. Hiccups can happen. By walking through setbacks together, you'll be equipped to help your child sleep well for life.