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When is the best time to sleep train?

We work with babies and toddlers from ages 12 weeks up to 3 years old. The optimal time to sleep coach is when all caregivers are on board, your child is healthy, and you're ready to reduce nighttime feeds/wake-ups.

Ideally we'd like to begin working with you around 12-16 weeks of age. We find it the easiest to accomplish effective and gentle sleep training around this age, before major developmental leaps and teething. During this time, baby is able to quickly grasp routines and the methods we use. This is the perfect time to begin.

What sleep training method do you use?

We use a modified version of the Mommywise Method with our clients. We come to your home and get to know you, your baby, and your family. Using a personalized approach, we plan out the perfect steps to get your baby to sleep quickly and all night long.

Will my baby 'cry it out'?

Hearing your baby cry is never fun. With the Mommywise Method, we maximize success and minimize tears. We're with you every step of the way. A little bit of crying is normal when baby is learning a new skill. The sweet, well-rested smile you're greeted with in the morning is well worth the few tears shed.

What if it doesn’t work?

In short, it will. Once we've spoken on the phone we 100% guarantee it will work. There may be times when progress is stopped or reversed but this is a great opportunity to learn how to troubleshoot every stage.

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Can our children share a room?

Our method will help your baby (or babies) to sleep even if they do share a room with an older sibling. This method also works for multiples sharing a room. We will determine the best way to accomplish this on an individual basis. 

Can my baby still share a room with me?

In order for your baby to be an independent sleeper, they need to fall asleep without you and that needs to remain consistent throughout the night. Room sharing with parents is confusing for babies when trying to sleep train so we recommend baby having their own space, separate from yours. You'll get better rest too!

What if I nurse my baby to sleep?

No worries. We can easily transition baby to sleeping in their own crib and falling asleep quickly, no matter who is putting them down. We have no problem easing them to sleeping without a bottle or breast.

What is the ‘4 month sleep regression’?

So, about that 'sleep regression'... in our experience, it's actually the period of time when baby is becoming more wakeful and alert. Instead of a regression, we've actually found that this is more of a leap! They're developing and moving forward. Families often call us around this time because they go back to losing sleep but this is normal if the baby has not yet learned to be an independent sleeper. We can fix that!

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Can we do this over the phone?

We don't do sleep solutions over the phone, here's why: Your family deserves the care that goes into crafting a plan just for you. Without getting to know you, your family, or your baby, there's no way we can guarantee the sleep solution will work. We only provide personalized in-home care to ensure that you are successful in 72 hours or less.

Are there sleep training books you recommend?

We don't recommend any sleep books.Here's the deal: those methods work for some babies, some of the time. That's why there are so many different approaches and why you often hear about how "that method didn't work for me!". With our method, we completely bypass the one-size-fits-all approach in favor of a custom-tailored sleep solution. With this methodology, we're able to ensure success like the big-name sleep books just can't.

Where are you based?

Bliss Sleep Co is located in Washington, D.C. and serves the DC Metro Area.

Do you travel?

Absolutely! We're happy to travel to you, bringing our tried-and-true method to your home.