Everyone Sleep Trains Their Child

Everyone Sleep Trains Their Child Bliss Sleep Co.png

Regardless of your feelings about sleep training, you are going to participate in training your child to sleep. You can't avoid it.

Whether you are an Attachment Parent who co-sleeps and feeds on-demand, or are a strict Scheduled Parent, or an RIE Parent, or an unintentional "flying by the seat of my pants" parent, you are going to train your child.

By train, of course we mean, your behaviors become the teaching tools, and your child will learn what to expect.

So, are you being intentional about what you are teaching, and what they could learn?

That is the premise of hiring a sleep professional: to make an intentional plan about how you and your family can support your child while helping them learn how to sleep at night.

Parenting your child at night is hard. Some even say harder than parenting during the day. At night, parents have to work extra hard to overcome their emotions of being tired and impatient. Why? Because, well, they are usually being woken up!

Sleep training without a clear goal or plan often is a stop-gap for parents who are overtired, frustrated, or feeling hopeless. Perhaps your baby starts in the crib at night but ends up in bed with you by morning. Maybe your baby can sleep comfortably while being held, but cannot settle once laid prone in her crib. Or perhaps your child wails to the point of a hoarse voice, and you feel guilt about how to help them learn not to hate going to sleep.

We know that most habits parents engage in for night parenting are done out of love and compassion.

We also know, that parents who take the intentional steps to transition their child and engage in safe sleep teaching can benefit from a well-rested child, and often, become well-rested themselves. It is never too late to be intentional with your parenting!

If you are afraid of sleep trainers, Bliss Sleep Co. isn't a company who uses harsh tactics and abandonment. We work with you to help you find a sustainable way forward and a clear plan ahead.