Simply put: we have 100% confidence in our method and in you! We do this to see families get their confidence back and enjoy each other--even at bedtime. Our attention to detail, professionalism, and genuine commitment to your success is what we pride ourselves on. From first contact, you will be able to see, hear, and feel the unwavering confidence in your ability to help your little one sleep.



Courtney Marie Long is an experienced voice on all things parenting and baby through early childhood. Courtney is an International Certified Newborn Care Specialist and Mommywise Certified Pediatric Sleep Coach with over ten years of experience. She brings a level of professionalism and care that is apparent in all she does. She has worked with hundreds of families and believes we should actively work against the trend of parent shaming and guilt by instilling confidence in parents so that they can make the parenting choices that feel right for them. 

Courtney resides in Washington, DC with her 7-year-old, Lenox. When she isn’t helping families get more sleep, you can find her in a barre class or popping into one of her favorite coffee shops. She loves to laugh with friends and enjoys exploring the city or spending time on home improvement projects with her family.